Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preparation time!

Alright so next weekend the Tourney starts, and while I was down at the shop I took a look at the list of people signed up so far.  Talking to Dean he's pretty sure a lot of people are just gonna show up game day without putting their names on the list, so I got to take this with a grain of salt but at least it gives me some insight into what I'm going to face.  Here's the list so far:

Chaos (deamons of space marines I don't know)
Dark Angels (me, of course)

Tau or Sisters of Battle- Played this guy today, same guy I tied against at 1k.  The possibility of a WD update to the Sisters during the course of this tourney has him leaning that way, but we'll see.

Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar
Imperial Guard
Space Marines
Space Marines

I'm going to have to assume that the two guys who put down Space Marines are talking about Codex marines, and not trying to sneak some Space Wolves or Blood Angels in there.  So what can I expect to face against this kind of lineup?

Having played against the Tau player at both 2k and 1k I  know that if he decides to go for the Tau instead of Sisters my default lists are more than a match for his, and it's really going to be a matter of who's tactics are better (He's got a serious advantage here).  Or maybe my insane luck with saving throws against him...either or....

If I were one of the two Dark Eldar players I'd be looking at these lists and expecting lots of mech and tooling up my lists accordingly. Beetween the three space marine armies, imperial guard, and Tau you can usually count on quite a few tanks and transports for your lance weapons to take out as a DE player.  So assuming the DE are both tooled up to take out mech,  I know my default lists are going to frustrate them with a lack of things to shoot at.

The IG and Marine players I pretty much touched on with the DE, I'm going to assume a high amount of mech for these guys which I feel I've got covered pretty well at all point levels.  If they end up throwing a lot of infantry at me instead, I've got the right stuff to take out the masses as well.  Well I think I do at least lol.  I'm fairly confident in my lists right now, it's my skill at applying them properly where I'm worried.  I got two practice games in, but that's all I'm gonna get before the tourney starts.  Oh well, I kinda like the idea of just throwing myself out there and giving it all I got.

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