Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm not dead! (And a half assed batrep vs Tau)

So yeah sorry for the delay in the blog, life gets in the way like that it seems.  Anyway.....played my first game of 40K today!  That was a good feeling, finally playing after putting so much time into painting.  On top of that I got a draw, which is more than I was expecting for my first game for sure.  I wish I had a full batrep for you guys, but I forgot to write anything down during the game and almost immediately afterwards I got a service call I had to go on, so the details kinda left my head while I was working.  We played 1000 pts, my list was this:

Belial with TH/SS
Terminator Command Sqaud- 3xTH/SS 2x Lightning Claws, Apothicary, Banner, Cyclone
Terminator Squad-Stormbolters, AssCan
Ravenwing Attack Squad: 2xmeltaguns MM Attack bike
Ravenwing Attack Squad: 2xmeltaguns

Of course now that I'm writing this, I realize that I screwed up and put two attack bikes on the table, which put me over by 50 points...and honestly without that second attack bike I'm not so sure that I would've pulled off the draw.  Well that sure puts a damper on the whole thing....

*Sigh* Well I suppose I'll continue with this post though that realization sure took the wind out of my sails.  I did a null deployment so that my bikes could outflank, and my Terminators would deepstrike.  My biggest mistake was Deathwing Assaulting my stormbolter squad, which put them on the table by themselves with an entire tau army firing at them.  I will say that it really did take the entire army to take out that one squad though....I made saves like you wouldn't believe.  I also forgot that the banner gave an extra attack to my command squad, though that really didn't have much impact on the outcome.  If a squad of melee terminators assaults anything Tau, they pretty much win automatically.

All in all I think I learned a lot in my first game, I'd go into more detail but between not being able to remember it well enough and the whole extra attack bike thing I think I'll just end it here.  I'll be at Clockwork Comics every Sunday for the foreseeable future, practicing.  I'm signed up for a tournament that starts the 19th at 1000 points and escalates every Sunday after that until we get to 3000 points...which means I'll be buying some Landraiders, which I'm kinda looking forward to working on.  Not sure if I'm going to go with two Crusaders or one Crusader and one Godhammer....I've got time to think on that though

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