Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little change in direction

My Dark Angels were supposed to be just a side project, but they quickly took over and became my army of choice.  So now it's time to do a little cleanup and refocus the blog towards my new force.

Right now my current goal is to get a finished 2000 pt army put together for an escalating campaign over at my FLGS, Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT.  I found out about the campaigns that they run over there after I got started on my Dual Wing army so even though I've got more than enough points wise to get started, the ones that are finished make for a pretty unplayable army at low points games.  Here's a quick rundown of where I stand so far:

 Master of the Deathwing- Completed
Interrogator Chaplain- Primed

Terminator Squad A- Completed
Terminator Squad B- Completed
Terminator Squad C- Completed
Terminator Squad D- Completed
Terminator Squad E- Assembled

Fast Attack:
Ravenwing Assault Squad A- Completed

Ravenwing Assault Squad B- Primed
Ravenwing Typhoon- Primed

I'm thinking I kinda went overboard with the Terminators but whatever, it's fun to have them be your troops.  I might drop Squad E and the Chaplain and throw a pair of Venerable Dreads in there, but we'll see.  In any case, I'm almost done with the list as is which I'm pretty pleased about.  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have them all done if I'm given that much free time.

Pics to follow later in the week!

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